AlgoMatch offers a suite of client execution algorithms, including Euronext FX proprietary and third party strategies, helping you minimise information leakage, market impact and lower execution costs, when transacting FX spot interests.

Euronext FX proprietary execution strategies enable you to match with your own customised liquidity pool through a choice of passive, midpoint & aggressive strategies. Alternatively, use AlgoMatch to access third party bank and non-bank execution algorithms to be able to interact with the wider FX spot market.

Minimise Market Impact By extending your execution capabilities and access to liquidity using AlgoMatch as a gateway to access Euronext FX and third party algorithmic strategies

Access Third Party Algos Use AlgoMatch to access a number of bank and non-bank third party algorithms that will execute your flow in the wider FX market

Consolidate Workflow – Access all your favourite algo’s through the Euronext FX GUI or API

Minimal Integration Required – Interact in real-time with AlgoMatch through your existing Euronext FX connections, single dealer and multi-dealer platforms or by integrating via FIX.

Monitor Performance – Benefit from a full TCA insight providing a detailed execution performance report to continually analyse and benchmark trading performance

Quickly Available – With a choice of access methods to interact with AlgoMatch, including through our partnered “Access” and “Prime” banks, Algomatch allows an easy and quick way to lower your execution costs