DisclosedMatch provides a disclosed trading solution allowing liquidity providers to stream tailored prices directly to consumers using Euronext FX’s stable, ultra-low latency infrastructure. DisclosedMatch represents a compelling alternative to other venues and avoids costly use of your internal IT resources.

For Liquidity providers, leverage the Euronext FX infrastructure and state of the art technology as a cost-effective solution to provide customised pricing directly to your end clients.

Scalable – Leverage the Euronext FX infrastructure, technology and existing relationships to expand your disclosed trading footprint

Reduced Time to Market – – Leverage our extensive client connectivity, credit and legal solutions and use DisclosedMatch as the gateway to connect to your clients directly

For Liquidity consumers, maintain bilateral relationship with your preferred liquidity providers and access their customised eFX prices via a single consolidated API or through the Euronext FX GUI.

Maintain Bilateral Relationships – Maintain your bilateral relationships whilst managing and accessing liquidity through a single, efficient liquidity pool.

Reduced Costs – Reduce integration and connectivity costs through consolidating all your liquidity provider’s feeds over a single FIX or BINARY based API.

Customised Liquidity Pool – Customise your liquidity pool by connecting directly to a range of liquidity providers from top-tier banks, specialist regional banks and non-bank market makers.