Euronext FX Tape ®

Euronext FX Tape® is a centralized streaming service that provides real-time last trade data to all subscribing market participants. The underlying trade data is comprised of a diverse group of participating segments within the global market place. The ultimate mission of Euronext FX Tape® is to create a transparent and public reference point for all spot foreign exchange participants.



  • Utilize expansive Euronext's market data distribution network
  • Contributors will receive 50% of Net Revenue of the tape according to their market share of contributions on a monthly basis
  • If a contributor is also a Euronext FX participant, the contributor data revenue will be offset against trading fees as a credit on the bill
  • All participants will have the option to disclose their name or remain anonymous upon trade data submission


  • Euronext FX Tape® will publish every 500 milliseconds a snapshot showing, Date/Time, Currency Pair, VWAP & Aggregated Size
  • Historical Data available for back testing and modeling strategies
  • Reliable and accurate representation of the broader market for benchmarking best execution
  • Precision for construction of volume curves for algorithmic trading
  • Seamless accessibility via a Euronext or Euronext FX GUI or API (Binary & FIX Protocol)