Euronext FX Trader is designed for clients who are looking to access and interact with Euronext FX ECN liquidity through a user friendly trading interface, with the maximum level of functionality and flexibility.

Embracing the latest technology and Euronext FX’s market-leading, smart order routing, Euronext FX Trader features flexible and customisable multiple pricing displays, comprehensive order management/execution and easy-to-use functionality.

The Euronext FX GUI can be used as a white label aggregator platform in conjunction with ManageMatch. Please contact the Euronext FX Support team or the Euronext FX Sales team for more details.

Download the Euronext FX GUI

Auto update setup instruction


  • Live Bid/Offer Pricing using Euronext FX ECN or DisclosedMatch liquidity
  • Full Amount or Sweepable Pricing available


  • Quick Order Entry; Join the Bid/Offer Ladder
  • Manage Orders in real time through the Order Blotter
  • Algorithmic Execution Strategies through AlgoMatch


  • Single Click / Double Click Trading
  • Live Blotter with Historic Search and PnL Blotter
  • STP Workflow Available


  • Trade Anonymously in our ECN or disclosed with your LPs through DisclosedMatch
  • Euronext FX Flexible Matching - smart order routing leading to lower rejection rates, better execution and less phantom liquidity.