Euronext FX Trader is available as a web based or downloadable desktop platform. It is designed for clients who are looking to access and interact with Euronext FX liquidity through a user-friendly trading interface. 

Euronext FX Trader allows for flexible and customisable multiple pricing displays, comprehensive order management/execution and easy-to-use functionality.  

Please contact the Euronext FX Support Team or the Euronext FX Sales Team for more details. 

Download the Euronext FX GUI

Auto update setup instruction


  • Live Bid/Offer Pricing using Anonymous Euronext FX ECN or Disclosed Liquidity
  • Pricing available in Full Amount/Sweepable and Firm/LL liquidity


  • Quick Order Entry; Join the Bid/Offer Ladder
  • Manage Orders in real time through the Order Blotter
  • Algorithmic Execution Strategies through pegged orders


  • Single Click / Double Click Trading
  • Live Blotter with Historic Search and PnL Blotter
  • STP Workflow Available


  • Trade Anonymously on our ECN or disclosed with your LPs
  • Euronext FX FlexMatch Algorithm - smart order routing leading to lower rejection rates, better execution and less phantom liquidity.