Euronext FX market data represents FX transactions by a wide variety of global participants on the Euronext FX ECN, an Electronic Communication Network for spot FX and Precious Metals trading. The ECN offers access to large pools of diversified and bespoke liquidity, market leading speed, transparency and cutting-edge technology.


Euronext FX Market Data

Euronext FX is a cutting-edge ECN for trading Spot FX, Precious Metals and NDFs*. Its award-winning technology offers unparalleled speed and the capacity to handle thousands of orders simultaneously. Euronext FX clients include financial institutions, banks, asset managers, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and retail brokers.

*via Euronext Markets Singapore
Euronext FX offers comprehensive FX market data derived from the core ECN, including Real-Time and Historical Market Data Products, and bespoke custom-built formats. Euronext FX market data is aggregated and anonymous and derived from quotes supplied to and trades executed over the platform, which averages more than twenty billion dollars traded daily.
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ECN Market Data Products

ECN Data is currently available for each of our New York, London, Singapore and Tokyo matching engines.

ECN Midpoint

streaming mid-price from the ECN (Option to add 500ms VWAP transactions)

ECN All World View

all bids and offers with aggregated volumes at each level, delivered EOD

ECN Top of Book BBO
(best bid, best offer)

ECN Level 2 data

top 5 levels of bids and offers

Please contact [email protected] for availability of data from each matching engine for each product.