FX Data & Technology

Euronext FX offers comprehensive FX Data based on pricing and transactions on our core ECN. These products include real time and historical market data, as well as our latest derived data set, FX Market Flow ™.  


Euronext FX Market Data

Euronext FX Market Data is derived from anonymized transactions and pricing of the aggregated trading activity from a wide variety of global participants, including banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and brokers on both the Euronext FX and Euronext Markets Singapore ECNs. ECN Market Data is available from all four matching engines and for Spot FX, Precious Metals and NDFs. Euronext FX Market Data is reflective of ECN volumes which average more than $23Bn per day. 

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ECN Market Data Products

ECN Data is currently available for each of our New York, London, Singapore and Tokyo matching engines.

ECN Midpoint + Transactions

Streaming mid-price from the ECN + all ECN transactions with a 500ms delay

ECN All World View

All bids and offers with aggregated volumes at each level, delivered EOD

ECN Top of Book BBO

Best bid, best offer

ECN Level 2 data

Top 5 levels of bids and offers with aggregated volumes at each level 


Euronext FX Market Flow

Derived from traded data on the Euronext FX and Euronext Market Singapore ECNs, Euronext FX Market Flow offers subscribers daily metrics that reflect market trends. These metrics are designed to be used by quant funds to assist in the implementation of overnight trading strategies. This product has been developed together with the Euronext Quant Research team based on their experience in developing Equities market behavioral and market trend data products.

6 Step Metric Computation

  1. Underlying Pairs
  2. Computation Period
  3. Selection of Participants
  4. Type of flow x Type of metric
  5. Computation of elementary metric
  6. Agregation across Participants

For more information please contact [email protected]