Spot FX & Precious Metals Trading

Recognized as a leading FX ECN, Euronext FX, and its award-winning subsidiary, Euronext Markets Singapore, each enable trading in over 100 currency pairs. As the first major FX ECN with matching engines in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore, Euronext FX connects clients to local liquidity managed with local expertise. Offering an unprecedented level of speed, stability and flexibility to FX participants, the Euronext FX ECN has set a benchmark for quality of execution, both for liquidity providers and consumers, since its launch in 2012. 


Bespoke liquidity:

  • Pricing provided by top tier banks, non-banks and niche regional specialists  
  • Significant and growing share of Full Amount, Firm and SkewSafe liquidity streams  
  • In-house Liquidity Management optimizes pools by counterpart and per pair based on our clients’ specific requirements, including RTTs, Fill Rates, Market Impact, and counterparty commitment to the FX Global Code. 

Driven by Data:

  • Weekly and monthly systematic making and taking reports  
  • Advanced opportunity reports with enablement matrixes and relevant financials for liquidity providers 
  • End of day trade details and rejection file  

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Powered by Smart Technology:

  • Fastest FX ECN on the street with order to ack and quote to feed latency sub 25 microseconds 
  • Flexmatch ™ – smart order routing mechanism that prioritizes liquidity providers based on response times, fill ratios, max hold times and market impact on a per counterparty, per pair basis 
  • Bespoke Functionality – including pegged algos, maker icebergs, LSP including zero hold times, PnL control, anti-sweep, routing, full amount lock in, mutli-fund allocations, reject reasons, miss/rejection distinctions, speedbumps, quote to mid 


For Liquidity Providers – Leverage the Euronext FX infrastructure and sophisticated technology as a cost-effective solution to provide customised pricing directly to your end clients.  

For Liquidity Consumers - Maintain bilateral relationships with your preferred liquidity providers and access their customised eFX prices via a single consolidated API. 


Scalable  – Utilise the Euronext FX anonymous credit model, superior speed and existing architecture to expand your disclosed trading footprint. No additional documentation allows for the fastest route to market. 

Maintain Bilateral Relationships – Flexible access to aggregated liquidity through a single or multiple bespoke session set up.

Competitive Pricing – Low brokerage for semi-disclosed trading. Reduce integration and connectivity costs by consolidating all counterparties over a single API.