Our Products


Euronext FX ECN

Our flagship anonymous ECN provides customers access to large pools of diversified liquidity with complete transparency at unparalleled speed. Euronext FX ECN allows clients to trade in an unique liquidity sub-pool custom tailored for each currency pair.



DisclosedMatch is a disclosed trading solution, allowing liquidity providers to leverage the Euronext FX infrastructure and provide a customised pricing stream directly to their end clients.



ManageMatch is a liquidity management and distribution solution which enables both liquidity consumers and providers to harness Euronext FX technology, connectivity and unparalleled speed to help grow their FX business.



AlgoMatch offers a suite of client execution algorithms, including Euronext FX proprietary and third party strategies, helping you minimise information leakage, market impact and lower execution costs, when transacting FX spot interests.


Euronext FX Tape®

Euronext FX Tape® is a centralized streaming service that provides real-time last trade data to all subscribing market participants. The underlying trade data is comprised of a diverse group of participating segments within the global market place. The ultimate mission of Euronext FX Tape® is to create a transparent and public reference point for all spot foreign exchange participants.



SafeMatch auctions are open to the buy and sell side providing a transparent, dealable point in time crossing auction, with the option for auction imbalances to be executed using AlgoMatch.

Real Time Volumes and Rates